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We stand at a moment in history where no longer do we need to search through exotic lands for luxury, for the past 100 years we have created a home-grown luxury. One that has exceptional craftsmen, whose skills have been honed from generations that came before them. Designers who look forward to the future whilst embracing the traditions of our past and our people. We live in a country that embraces creativity and encourages individuality. Our mountains and our beaches provide us with an abundance of inspiration, where the soil is nurturing and the water is healing. Our homes are our sanctuary and our friendships are our families. 

We want created a space at Aqua Gild that showcases a lifestyle gallery as much as it is a homewares store. A haven of beauty and a space to open ourselves up to the wonders of Australian design – Bringing together brands whose creators have been inspired by this beautiful country and designed a product not just for your home, but for your lifestyle.

“Our slogan is Local is the New Luxury this is to resemble store experience which is more of a gallery for local 'creators' to showcase their passion. Things for the home that are unique and bring a touch of luxury to your own space.” Anita says.


No longer must we coat our wares in gold, for now everything we touch is gilded by the waters of our shores… 

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