Meet Anita

I’ve always had a goal to open a home and lifestyle space I would call my own one day, not only because creating beautiful spaces is my career but it is my main passion and path in life”, - Anita Bencic


With a Diploma in Interior Design, over 8 years’ experience as an Interior Designer and 10 years of being a Visual Merchandiser working alongside reputable brands, Anita Bencic brings a deep understanding of artistic ability and how to utilise her sense of style to develop designs that look great and are aesthetically pleasing.


In recent years when travelling around the world, it was brought to Anita’s attention that Australia was beginning to compete in the international luxury market place when it came to design and craftsmanship. It is to be noted though that the Australian version of luxury was considerably more of a laid back style which resembles our lifestyle choices and suits how we live.

Analysing the local and international luxury design industry during the Covid-19 Pandemic trigged the need to utilise the lockdown period as an opportunity to create a strategy on how she can showcase and support all the incredible Australian designers who are being impacted by the crisis, whilst sharing her extensive knowledge about the Luxury home and lifestyle industry. Thus, Aqua Gild was born. 

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